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Example solutions

These are just a few examples of work we've done in the past, but there are many more ways in which we could help your business. Why not contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • Database to phone integration.
    We developed a system to automate the process of dialling customers' telephone numbers when making outbound calls, by making a server dial the numbers from the database and pass the call to the appropriate telephonist.
  • Automated lead distribution.
    We developed a web-based program to fetch and distribute sales leads to appropriate resellers for Microsoft UK. Distribution was carried out according to criteria extracted from the lead, and the entire life cycle of the lead could be monitored through a web interface.
  • Incentive program management.
    Dataflow IT has provided databases for a number of incentive programs, which include complete management and reporting tools as well as automated emailing of dynamic HTML statements.
  • CRM solutions.
    Managing, recording and utilising every contact between a company and its customers, whether by phone, fax or email. Our tools include automated fax, dialling and email functionality.
  • Online Applications
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