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Search Engine Optimisation

No matter how much effort and resource you put into your web sites, it's all a waste if nobody can find it. According to research, search engines are responsible for up to 85% of all internet traffic. What's more, the internet is now more likely than ever to be a potential customer's first port of call when looking for your service or product.

Most search engines are still free to get listed on, so webmasters assume that getting traffic is just a matter of submitting their site to the major portals. In reality, few sites will achieve a top 30 ranking in the search results unless their sites are positioned according to the criteria search engines look for. There is far more to this than just including keywords in your site.

Dataflow IT has the tools and the know-how to improve your site's position in search results. Nobody can guarantee you traffic, but by making small changes to your site and resubmitting it frequently we can 'open the door' for search engine traffic to find your site.

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